4 Ways to Reduce WhatsApp Data Usage on Android

Do you want to know how to reduce your WhatsApp Data Usage? Check these four tips to lower your WhatsApp data usage.

WhatsApp is an app that can consume too much if you use it a lot. Although with these settings you will save on data and battery.

What can be said more about this app that you don’t know? However much the primary use is known to all. First in downloads for years, it is the app used by millions of people every day. The numbers that WhatsApp shuffles are dizzying, also the expense it can mean for users. Have you noticed that WhatsApp spends more battery and data than you would like?

It is logical that if WhatsApp is the app that you use most in your mobile, it is also the one that consumes the most, in all the senses. To check it, you have to do the following:

Enter the Settings of your Android and navigate to the Battery section. Look at the use that has been made of the battery and check if WhatsApp is in the top positions.

whatsapp data usage

Now it’s time to look at the mobile data you’ve spent. Go back to the Settings and navigate to Data Usage. You will see a graph with all the apps listed by the consumption in MB. Surely WhatsApp is among the first.

Why Does WhatsApp Consume So Much?

It can be for many reasons, although the main one is multimedia content. You share photos, videos, calls, and these actions imply a disproportionate expenditure of our data rate. Chats barely consume per se, so the first step to spend less isn’t to send as much multimedia content. Difficult considering the funny groups you are in.

Avoid sending unnecessary images and videos, the first step to lower Whatsapp Data Usage.

In addition to the Data Usage, there is also battery draining. For the actions performed by WhatsApp itself, but especially for the time, you have activated the screen to read the messages. The less you light the mobile much better. Although, again, it is complicated and doesn’t make much sense.

You have already seen: WhatsApp itself is not that it consumes excessively, but what you do with it and the derivative actions do trigger the spending on data and battery. Now let’s enter fully into the subject of the article. How to lower Whatsapp Data Usage

Stop Auto Download Media Content

This is basic: WhatsApp downloads everything that is shared in the default chats, so you must keep control and download only what you want. Of sure rebound that also cleans your conversations of “a lot of trash” that is usually shared.

Enter the WhatsApp settings and go to Data and storage usage. There you can find the section Media auto-download from which you will have to disable all the options of When using mobile data. Just click on that section and uncheck photos, audio, videos, and documents.

disable auto download media content

From now WhatsApp will not download anything without your permission. This way you will avoid unnecessary data, and you will know at all times what you download and save in your gallery. Very useful for those groups where only memes and various bullshit are shared.

Reduce WhatsApp Data Usage during Calls

Another important option if you usually call through this app. It is handy since you save the cost of the phone call making sure you can contact almost anyone. After all, how many are left without WhatsApp on your mobile?

To reduce the data usage in calls, you only need to enter the same previous option: Settings > Data and storage usage. Finally, check the option Low data usage.

low data usage during calls

Disable Backup Chats on Mobile Data

The WhatsApp backup is handy as you will be safe from the loss of important messages. Said backup is made to the storage of the phone with the option of uploading to the cloud using Drive. It is at this point where you must act: allow the backup in the cloud but restrict it to when you are under WiFi.

To activate the backup go back to the Settings and navigate Chats > Chat Backup. Check the option Back up to Google Drive and touch on Back up over and select Wi-Fi only.

chats backups wifi only

Turn OFF Notifications

I know, this point goes against common sense. How do I recommend avoiding notifications if it is the basis of the messaging? Well, let’s see my arguments.

The less you check you’re mobile, the less you turn on the screen. Ergo, less battery will consume.

Fewer messages you will have to send, something that will result in the cost of data. And, above all, you will have more peace of mind. Most messages are dispensable, and you don’t need your phone to ring every two seconds.

I’m in dozens of groups, and I know what it’s like to live immersed in notifications. I also know from experience that much of the hassle of notifications is avoidable: you’ll have more time for yourself and much more peace of mind. Try it: the first few days you’ll want to turn on your mobile phone every time to make sure that nothing urgent happens, but soon you’ll see how much you save without notifications.

Did I convince you? Well, it’s much simpler than it seems:

Enter the WhatsApp Settings and navigate to Notifications. Disables all message and group notifications by entering each one and checking “None” or “Off.” Keep calling notifications for those important communications.

turn off notifications

Wrapping: Reduce WhatsApp Data Usage

With all these tricks you will reduce your WhatsApp Data Usage easily. You can try a few of these tips or even all at once.

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Do you know another way to reduce data usage by WhatsApp? Let me know in the comments section.

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