3 Ways to View Phone Screen on PC via USB

Do you want to know how view phone screen on PC via USB? Well, here I will teach three ways to do it quickly.

You usually need an app to project your Android on the PC. There are many apps for this task, so I have cited the best ones only. They allow you to establish the connection via USB.

There are times when it would be beneficial and comfortable to use our smartphone from the computer. Because when you are on the computer, you usually leave the mobile aside. But there are apps that you don’t have in the PC.


scrcpy view phone screen on pc via usb

That’s why a famous developer of modified ROMs has created a program called SCRCPY that will make things much easier if you want to see and control your mobile from your computer. This tool makes use of USB Debugging to connect to the mobile and communicate with it.

The process to get to see and control our Android on the computer is very easy, but don’t worry because I am going to explain step by step how to do it.

Turn on USB debugging on Android

USB debugging is a resource widely used by developers who want to communicate with the device. To enable USB debugging, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the Phone Settings
  2. Navigate to About phone
  3. Touch Build number seven times.
  4. Now go back and navigate to Developer Options
  5. There find the option USB Debugging and enable it.

This program is developed for both Windows and Mac OS. In the case of Windows, the process of downloading and executing the program is simpler. In Mac, you will have to use Homebrew for installation. Be that as it may, I will explain both methods.

View Phone Screen on Windows via USB

For Windows it is as easy as downloading a compressed file, unzipping it where you want it, and you’re done. All the tools that the program needs (ADB tools among others) are already included in the package. This folder is portable, and you can use it wherever you want. Uncompress and go. You right-click on Scrcpy and click on “Run as administrator.”

Download SCRCPY for Windows

I may give you a problem and not communicate, in that case, within the section where you have activated the USB debugging, revoke all authorizations and reconnect the mobile. Now when you give the program, you should see a message on your mobile to authorize the communication.

View Phone Screen on Mac OS via USB

In Mac OS the method is more complicated because you have to use the Terminal to install the Scrcpy through Homebrew. For those who do not know, Homebrew is a repository similar to the “apt-get” of Linux but for the operating system of Apple.

First, you have to install Homebrew.

1. Press CMD + Space and write Terminal
2. Press Enter and a command line window will appear.
3. There you have to paste what it shows on the official Homebrew page and press Enter

scrcpy mac

When Homebrew is installed, you only have to write this line in the same terminal window:

brew install scrcpy

Once the installation is finished, you will have the app along with the rest of the apps installed on the mac.

How to use Scrcpy

To be able to connect to our Android and start using it remotely you will have to connect it with the cable to the computer with the USB debug mode activated. The first time, undoubtedly, you will see a window on the mobile where you have to ‘trust’ the computer you have connected to establish the connection between PC and computer.

If you have done all the steps as I told you, you should be watching your mobile screen on the computer. By clicking with the mouse, you can control the mobile screen. So you can remotely access your mobile if you don’t want to have to be taking it every time you have to use an Android app.

Something interesting is that you can use the keyboard to write on your mobile, for example, to answer a message. Yes, patience because there is some delay in communication and you may be writing and not see what you are writing.

Finally, here I leave you shortcuts to move around the screen, especially if you don’t have buttons on the screen on your mobile.

scrcpy shortcuts

If you want more information or have some problem during the installation, on the official Scrcpy website, you can find help in addition to versions for other operating systems such as Ubuntu.

Vysor - Android control on PC

Vysor - Android control on PC

Price: Free

Vysor maybe is the best app to view phone on PC via USB. You can even control the phone with the mouse and keyboard of the computer, even with shortcuts of keys.

In addition to having a good performance, it has remote support. That is, you can share the cell phone screen with a person on the other side of the world if you want.

It has a paid version that offers high image quality and even wireless connection.

Just install the mobile app on your phone and follow the steps indicated. You will be asked to install the software on the PC. Previously activate USB debugging on Android. If your PC is Windows, you must also install the USB drivers of the mobile.


AirDroid: Remote access & File

AirDroid: Remote access & File

Price: Free+

AirDroid is a top-rated app to integrate your Android phone with the PC. That includes the possibility of view phone screen on PC via USB.

With AirDroid you can completely control your mobile from your PC, through your desktop client or even from your browser, through web.airdroid.com.

To view your Android on the PC, you must use the AirMirror function of AirDroid. As in the previous case, you must activate USB debugging and driver installation (only if it is a Windows PC). Setting up this app is more comfortable if the device has root. However, you can also without root.


So those were the best ways to view phone screen on PC via USB, I hope this tutorial helps you.

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Don’t forget to let me know in the comments which method works for you.

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