Top 10+ F-Droid Best Apps That You Should Try

On today’s post, I will show the F-Droid best apps.

One of the advantages of Android concerning other mobile operating systems is the freedom that gives the user when choosing what is on your device.

Here, of course, comes the free choice of deciding whether or not users want to install apps from sources external to Google Play, a practice that, while it may be unsafe in case of downloading files from unreliable sources, they can open up a whole world of possibilities.

That is why today I want to show some of the f-droid best apps that you can try on your smartphone for free.

Before starting to see the f-droid best apps, it is necessary to comment that all the links provided in this article come from the official website, and therefore, the download of the apps is entirely safe.

1. Oandbackup

oandbackup f-droid best apps

Users who change their smartphone every few days, or those who test all the ROMs they have and for their devices, have inevitably found themselves in the tedious situation of having to reinstall all the apps they had previously manually.

Oandbackup is an excellent and one of the f-droid best apps like Titanium Backup, with a much more careful interface and an added value: it is an open source app, whose source code is hosted on GitHub.

The app needs superuser or root permissions and allows us to make copies of the apps installed on the device anywhere in the terminal’s storage, and later restore them, all at once, without having to choose one of them.

2. Transistor


I love this app because it allows you to listen to online radios from anywhere in the world. You need to add the streaming link of the station (mp3, AAC and OGG / Opus) to be able to feed your library. You can name each station and add shortcuts to the desktop. It also has a sleep timer for those who like to go to sleep listening to the radio. Undoubtedly one of the f-droid best apps.

3. Conversations


Conversations is an open source XMPP/Jabber client. In addition to careful design and intuitive, it has other exciting features such as encryption with OTR or OpenPGP. It brings together all the accounts of different messaging services in a unified tray, and you can send and receive images, it supports avatars for our contacts, it is integrated with your agenda. Also has a slight impact on your battery, and you can also synchronize it with your messaging client — one of the f-droid best apps that you need to try.


Flym is a great RSS reader for your Android device. Its interface is very pleasing to the eye, following the guidelines of the Google design material. By default, it asks us if we want to start by adding Google News RSS. Also, it has an RSS search engine so that you can find what you are looking for merely by entering the name of the site.

5. Mirakel

mirakel f-droid best apps

Mirakel is a compelling but straightforward f-droid best app to manage your task lists. The management of tasks is done through different lists, and you have reminders, recurring tasks, annotations in tasks, progress in percentage, attach files, export or import. Multiple customization options to meet the needs of many. Apart from that, it has an extension for Dashclock. Also, they are now trying to try to apply the style lines of the material design.

The feature that I like the most is its ability to synchronize with the powerful Taskwarrior. You can also synchronize tasks with your server or through CalDAV.

6. Nova Google Companion

nova google companion

The creator of Nova Launcher, the Android customization app par excellence, launched a handy tool that users of the launcher had been waiting for years.

Nova Google Companion is one of the f-droid best apps that allows you to integrate the Google Now feed directly on the home screen as if it were a Google Now Launcher.

Due to the incompatibility of the app with Google Play policies, it isn’t found in the Google app store.

7. K-9 MAIL

k-9 mail

K-9 Mail is a complete email client. It supports multiple email accounts, POP3, IMAP, and Exchange 2003/2007. You can encrypt the messages if you have installed in your APG device or OpenKeychain. The configurations can be exported, so you do not have to perform all the steps again.

It has multiple customization options, a friendly interface and you can also activate the control by gestures to mark the different messages. Undoubtedly, K-9 mail is one of the f-droid best apps and knowing that it is a community project, makes it even better.

8. RedReader


Redreader Beta is an unofficial client for Reddit, but as if it were. It has multiple customization options, such as the colors of the upper bar, night mode or gesture control with which you can assign gestures for various actions.

You can see new posts and comments as they arrive (perfect for slow connections). Also has optional preload of images, so you do not have to wait to download them, you can see the photos in the app’s viewer and Internet pages without having to leave the app It also has a view mode for tablets and support for multiple accounts. Everything you do on the page you can do with this app, without a doubt, is one of the f-droid best apps I’ve tried so far.

9. Orwall


Orwall is an app that channels the traffic of mobile apps through the Tor network. This works for the browser (with Orfox) or the other apps that you have installed. You choose which apps you want to go through Tor and press “Start.”

10. Atomic

atomic irc

Do you need an IRC client for Android? Then Atomic is what you are looking for. Atomic is a fork of another IRC client called yaaic, and the developer wanted a client that had a better design and more freedom to customize it. You can customize many options in terms of design, such as color schemes and how you want to display different elements of the screen or messages.

11. Connectbot


Connectbot is a terminal with which we can connect to a server through SSH. Apart from servers, if you configure SSH connections on your PC, you can manage it remotely through this app and enjoy all the programs that can run on your terminal from your Android device.

12. Simple Explorer

simple explorer

There are hundreds of file explorers for Android, each with its pros and cons. However, Simple Explorer is probably one of the complete apps you can find and one of the f-droid best apps on this list.

In addition to being fully customizable, it has useful functionality such as the ability to compress and decompress any file in the most popular formats, integrated text editor, support for OTG or the ability to access and modify the system files thanks to the root access.

So far those were the F-Droid best apps that you should try on your smartphone or tablet.

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Do you know another useful f-droid app? Let me know in the comments to add it to the list.

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