4 Best T9 Keyboards for Android Phones & Tablets

Do you want to use the old T9 keyboard or 3×4 layout on your Android? Well, check this list of the best T9 keyboards for Android phones & tablets.

You only need to download one of the apps below that best suit your needs.

Old keyboard

Old keyboard

Price: Free

This is undoubtedly one of the best T9 Keyboards for Android that you can download for free on Google Play. It is suitable for people who have problems with big buttons of keyboards.

You can enable the old keyboard layout from old phones: 3×4 layout or T9 keyboard.

old t9 keyboards for andriod

A Keyboard

A Keyboard

Price: Free+

A Keyboard is a T9 keyboard for Android that helps you to write faster and easier using the old layout. You can the 3×4 design on all your apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube.

A Keyboard features:

  • Two 3×4 layout variations from one app
  • You can use emojis easily on your texts using one button
  • Multiple themes and designs
  • Prediction Learning: this t9 keyboard learns the way to write using the old layout.
  • Supports more than 50 languages

Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart Keyboard Pro

Price: $2.49

Smart Keyboard is a T9 keyboard for android. To start it, go to the Settings menu, choose the keyboard language and select Smart Keyboard in the options.

You can choose between many configuration sessions. In the initial configuration you can select a theme for the keyboard. You have several: iPhone, Android, Gingerbread, Galaxy, HTC, gray and white. You can also make changes to the keyboard, for example, when it comes to transparency if you don’t want it 100% opaque. You can select a color for the selected word in the suggestion bar (different shades of red, orange and gray are available) This option is in “Advanced settings.”

The language settings are, in the same way, extensive. You have many options that fit any dictionary you are using. There are different language options to which you can choose in the text prediction option. It also includes composite management (beneficial if you study German). Besides Smart Keyboard can learn new words and add them to the glossary as well as customize the score and much more.

t9 keyboards for android

Other configuration options include gestures (for example, swiping left to delete a word), voice input, sound, vibration options, backup, restore options and an export/import option for the dictionary. Finally, you have available a lot of advanced options including the multi-touch option. You can also change between full, compact or T9 mode. In short: you can modify and configure the keyboard functions to suit the consumer.

Asi said the T9 keyboard for Android is compatible with multi-touch and does it very well. The keyboard responds to the problem with the multi-touch input. Android users will be happy to know that it also supports voice input.

The keyboard interface has an option to slide something inescapable in these digital times. You can use the slide to change symbols, access dictionaries to switch keyboard. Again it offers many opportunities to customize at will.

There are a lot of languages available. It’s a wonder that they have to be installed separately, but the download is free.

Smart Keyboard is one of the best T9 keyboards for Android available at the moment. It is efficient that looks good and works without problems. The only thing, the autocorrect function could be improved.

TouchPal Keyboard Lite:Smaller & Faster & More Fun

TouchPal Keyboard Lite:Smaller & Faster & More Fun

Price: Free+

TouchPal Keyboard is a T9 keyboard for Android and iOS that promises to do much more than correct spelling mistakes while you write.

This t9 keyboard includes an intelligent assistant able to understand what you are writing, offering useful information as you write.

If you are chatting with a friend about a weekend outing, you can show you weather data, and if you talk about doing accounts, it can show the calculator. There are many possibilities and combinations. It says it is available in 110 languages, so it is possible to use it to obtain different information.

touchpal keyboard lite

It uses Augmented Reality technology to capture the user’s facial movements and voices, creating ten-second animated 3D expressions. It allows inserting more than 1000 emojis, GIF, emoticons and innovative stickers in popular social applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, although the most interesting is its assistant, Talia.

Among all what you can do, include:

  • Swift Paste: to get useful information (emails, links and phone numbers) from the clipboard
  • Weather forecast: to receive information on weather conditions from any place at any time
  • Currency conversion: with exchange rates in time real.
  • Calculations: automatically calculates basic mathematical operations
  • Recommendations of shops: focused on restaurants, although limited geographically.

Wrapping Up: T9 Keyboards for Android

So far those were the best T9 keyboards for android that you can download for free to use the old keyboard layout from the past days.

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Do you use another app to use the old keyboard? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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