How to Setup iCloud Email on Android Phones & Tablets

Do you want to read your iCloud emails on your Android? Well, check this tutorial about how to set up iCloud email on Android.

Set up an iCloud account on Android is possible, the truth is that you should not lose your account once you switch to a device with the Google operating system, you can keep it, and here I will explain how to do it.

In principle, it is necessary to remember that mobile phones with Android operating system require the use of a Gmail account for almost everything, but you should not leave your iCloud account aside if you come from an Apple device, you probably want to continue using it as an account of emails and is something valid.

The good news starts here, and it is possible to operate that email account from a new Android phone fully, but you must take a series of steps to get it.

Set up an iCloud email on Android

The first thing you should do is get an email client for Android although you can use your default email client. If you want to download and email app, check this list of the best email clients for Android.

The interface will be different depending on the type of app or the Android version of each mobile, but the result it will always be the same, manage the iCloud email with the IMAP or SMTP configuration.

Start by opening the app and then look for app Settings. Then select the Accounts option, and on other devices, it can be like Cloud and Emails and then press on ADD or + button. Select the Email or IMAP option

In some cases that you have already backed up iCloud in Gmail when switching devices, you can automatically take the configuration data. In case of making the configuration manually you must assign the data of the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server:

Incoming: | Port: 993
Outgoing: | Port: 587

On both server select on the option SSL: Yes and enter your iCloud username and the password assigned to your account.

setup icloud email on android

When the settings are confirmed may you need to reenter the username and the password previously used.

If you face any error during the setting, you may fix it changing SSL to TSL.

Wrapping Up: Setup iCloud Email on Andriod

As easy as that you can easily set up your iCloud email on your android smartphone or tablet to read and send messages from your iCloud account.

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