How to Install Google Play Store on Any Android Phone [Tutorial]

Do you want to install the Google Play Store for free on your smartphone? Check this tutorial to install Play Store on any android phone.

Almost all Android smartphones that currently exist in the market come with the suite of Google apps pre-installed. That means that, by default, you do not need to install applications like Google Play Store, Calendar, Calculator, Google Photos, Chrome, and many more.

However, this may change in the not too distant future, when some device manufacturers refuse to pay a fee to Google for installing the apps on their devices.

And yes, you may be able to live without some of these apps, but I am afraid that many will not think the same about the store app. Therefore, today, I want to explain how to download and install Google Play Store on any Android phone, regardless of the brand or manufacturer.

This process, however, may be useful on more occasions. If you want to upgrade to the latest version of Google Play, or if you have purchased a Chinese mobile that arrives without the Google services pre-installed, this tutorial will help you.

Install Google Play Store

install google play store

Play Store is the primary source of apps and games for Android available. Although there are alternatives to Google Play, is undoubtedly the most used, and the most recommended since not all apps can sneak into it, and therefore offers an extra layer of security when downloading apps. In fact, according to Google today, the number of harmful apps in the Play Store is 0.61%, and down.

For this reason, having Google Play on your Android phone is almost essential, unless you are willing to resort to external sources of download, taking into account the risks that this entails, as well as other disadvantages such as having to update the applications manually.

Install Google Play Store on a Chinese Phone

Although the vast majority of Chinese smartphone companies are already internationalizing, and offer global variants of their phones with Google Play services pre-installed – and therefore, with Google Play Store already downloaded and ready to be used.

But If you bought a Chinese mobile in an import store, it may not include Play Store because Google services that are prohibited in China.

Leaving aside the issues of guarantees and others, you must bear in mind that, in China, the vast majority of Google services are prohibited, and therefore manufacturers cant install Play Store on their Android phones before selling them. If you have recently purchased one and doesn’t include the Play Store, you will have to install them yourself.

In some brands, such as Xiaomi, it offers the possibility of downloading a utility that will automatically install all the Goole Play apps and services chosen by the user. If this is the case, you only have to access the company’s app store, and search for “Google Services” or “Google Installer”.

install google play store xiaomi

Once installed, among the available options, select Google Play Store to download and install the app of the store.

Install Google Play Store in Any Android Phone

However, there is another option perhaps much simpler and faster, which is to use the app Play Services Info. This tool is responsible for analyzing the status of Google Play Services on the mobile where it is installed, for determining if necessary repair the installation or install new packages.

To download Google Play Store on any Android phone with this app, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Play Services Info.
2. On the app’s home screen, check the status of Google Play Services and the Play Store.
3. Click on “Play Store” to download the APK file.
4. With a file browser, go to the path where the APK file was downloaded and run it.

google play store services info

In this way, the Google Play Store will already be installed on the device, and you can access the store to browse and download between more than two and a half million apps that exist for Android.

Install Google Play Store on Any Android Phone

Now, if your phone already has the Google Play services pre-installed, and all you want is to download the latest version of Play Store on your mobile, either because you accidentally uninstalled the app from the store, or simply because you want to enjoy of the latest news that has not yet reached your mobile, you will have to download the APK executable file from the Google Play Store and install the app manually.

A reliable source to download Play Store on your mobile, for free and safely is APKMirror. It is an app repository created by the founders of Android Police, which has dozens of versions of thousands of different apps, including Google Play. To do so, you will only have to follow these simple steps:

1. From your mobile, go to the Google Play page in APKMirror.
2. Find the version of Play Store you want to download – it is advisable to choose the last available – and click on it.
3. In the “Download” section, click on the version corresponding to your device, and then on the “Download APK” button under the “Verified and Safe to Install” prompt.
4. With a file browser, go to the path where the APK file was downloaded and run it.

google play store app install free

You will already have the latest version of Play Store downloaded and installed from your Android mobile.

Wrapping Up: Install Google Play Store

As easy as that you can install Google Play Store on any android phone easily, you only need to follow the steps above and start enjoying your favourites apps and games.

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Do you have any question or comment about this tutorial, let me know below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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