How to Find & Use Incense on Pokemon Go [Guide]

The Incense is one of the most useful items Pokémon GO, but you can only get it if you buy with real money. Incense serves to attract Pokémon to your position, making it easier to capture.

Thanks to the Incense you can make a considerable increase in XP and catch rate Pokémon if you know how to get the most out of it, so in this guide, I will show you what works best using the Incense and when you should use it.

What is Incense in Pokémon GO?

Incense allows you to attract all kinds of Pokémon to your coach for the duration of this.

You should know that this item lasts 30 minutes and compensates players who move a lot, attracting many Pokémon to you.

In the first instance, players who are still will have a Pokémon that can be captured every 5 min instead, if you move between PokéStops, you will find more Pokémon near your Incense.

moving pokemon go

Thanks to Incense, you can attract Pokémon that aren’t common in the area, so you will have the opportunity to fill our Pokédex more easily.

How do you Find Incense?

There are only two ways to find Incense, and one is paying, obviously, and the other is levelling up. When you level up many times, you will get rewards that include Incense.

The fastest and easiest way to get incenses is with the Pokecoins:

1 Incense = 80 Pokecoins
8 Incenses = 500 Pokecoins
25 Incenses = 1250 Pokecoins

incense pokemon go

How should I use Incense?

To be able to use this item in an effective way and to take advantage of its characteristics 100%, it is best to use it in areas where you have many Pokestops nearby, with this you will continuously get Pokeball to be able to hunt all the Pokémon that appear to you while you have active the Incense.

The Incense allows you to upload experience quickly because you gather many Pokémon to evolve them later; with this, you get XP very quickly.

Is there any Hack for Incense?

I have already commented several times that using tricks or hacks in this game is entirely penalized, and you could end up with a ban. Some users say that changing the time of the mobile device you can keep incense hours and hours.

I don’t recommend that you try this type of trick because it goes against all Niantic regulations. Besides, I firmly believe that it is a lie and doesn’t work.

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You always have to be legal and go for what Niantic tells you. Do you find this information useful? Do you have any question about it? Let me know in the comments section below, thanks for reading.

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