How to Find Saved Wifi Passwords on your Android

Do you want to find saved wifi passwords on your Android? Well, check this list of apps and a quick tutorial to find your stored wifi passwords.

For some time you have depended on the internet for many of the daily tasks that you carry out, whether they have to do with work or leisure, even to communicate with your contacts you often need the internet. Your beloved WiFi has been a lifesaver.

But from time to time, for any reason, you need to access the password of your WiFi, maybe to introduce it in another device and but don’t have it on hand. For these cases, I will show a couple of methods that can help you to find saved WiFI passwords on Android with the help of some apps.

Find Saved Wifi Passwords on Android Apps

Google Play, as it can’t be otherwise, can always provide you with the tools you need for your purposes, even to access parts of your phone’s software that are usually hidden. The passwords of your WiFi aren’t an exception, so here I will leave some apps to find your saved Wifi passwords on Android.

First of all, you have to warn that these apps don’t reveal the passwords of WiFi networks that you have not previously connected to your smartphone. So, let’s see some of the best apps to find saved wifi passwords on Android.

Note: Some of these methods need ROOT access.

WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

Price: Free

WiFi Key Recovery is a straightforward app, the only thing to do after installing it is to run it, give it root permission, and that’s it. It will show you the Wifi networks that you have saved, the password of each one and the protection protocol of the same. If you click on one of the networks, you can copy the password, all the data of the network or generate a QR code so that another person can scan it and access it quickly.

If you press the menu button (in my case it was in the navigation bar), you can export all the data of the networks, or the part you want, to your microSD card or share it with your contacts.

find saved wifi passwords on your android wifi key recovery

WiFi Password Recovery

WiFi Password Recovery

Price: Free+

Like the previous app, WiFi Password Recovery is effortless to use, although in this case, it will not ask you to give it root rights automatically, you must do it by hand in the blue button that appears in the main screen of the app. In this case, you will have three tabs, the saved networks, the ones you detect around you. Only in the networks that you have connected, you will be able to find your saved Wifi passwords on Android.

In each network you will have a button to share directly and, when you click on it, you can copy the password to the clipboard, share it with a friend or generate a QR code. In the lower right, there is a floating button that immediately makes a backup copy of the networks you have saved.

If you have made a backup, you can recover it by clicking on the menu button in the upper right corner and touch on ‘Backed Up WiFi.’ When you want, also, you can disconnect from your Google account in this app if you’re going to save the networks in another device, for example.

wifi password recovery app

WiFi Password

WiFi Password

Price: Free

As simple as the previous two, the first thing you’ll have to do to download it from Google Play and run it. When you do, the first thing you will see is a notice that tells you that the app doesn’t guess passwords, but only shows those that have already have saved on your smartphone

You only have to accept the message, and then you will see the list of all WiFi networks and the keys that are stored on your mobile. Then you can copy it and send it to your contacts.

find saved wifi passwords on android

These are just some examples that I have been able to test personally and that work correctly, but there are a few more apps with the same functions in Google Play. The ones described here have seemed the best and simplest to use.

Method: File Explorer

If you don’t want to download third-party apps to find saved Wifi passwords on your Android, you can use a file browser that, yes, allows you to enter folders in the system. In my case, for this purpose, I used Root Browser, and despite having tried ES Explorer and CM, none of them showed me the folders I needed.

Once the root permissions have been granted to your file browser, you should only locate the file ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’ (without the quotes), which is located in the path ‘data/misc/wifi.’ When you have it, open it with a text editor (it may be the one that uses the browser or an external one, it does not matter).

wifi passwords

Once opened, you will see information about your device, including your saved networks, with your password and security protocol. From here you can decide if you want to copy any part of the text or point it anywhere, but at least you will know where to go. While this method is a bit more complicated than the previous one, it is just as effective.

Wrapping Up: Fin Saved Wifi Passwords on Android

With any of these apps, you can easily find your saved wifi password on Android, but you can also use some advanced methods if you don’t want to use any third party app.

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Do you know another way to find saved Wifi passwords on Android? Let me know in the comments section.

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