How to Enable Google Search Bar Widget on Android

Do you want to enable the google search bar widget on your widget? Check this easy tutorial to enable this helpful google search bar widget.

While it is true, a widget is a simple app extension that is commonly part of a larger app that is installed on the smartphone. Thus, widgets come in all sizes and shapes, are extensively customizable and reside on any home screen available for quick access. Therefore, they are a tool that allows you to get the information you want without the need to open the platform that manages this information.

google search bar

In this sense, Google has implemented by default, the google search bar widget on the desktop from mobile phones. In this way, it is possible to do it on Android devices, since several versions of this operating system. Which, gives the ease of making searches faster, being one of the mechanisms that its users use almost every day. Although many people choose to remove the google search bar widget due to several reasons.

Therefore, from this post, I want to show you how to enable the google search bar widget of the Google bar on your Android phone, very quickly.

Enable the Google Search Bar Widget on Android

In the first place, it is necessary to take into account that the most valuable advantage of the widget in the Google search bar is the fast navigation compared to the typical and original bar of this search engine. Also, in it, you will observe, automatically, the search suggestions when you press it.

First of all, you must make sure you have the Google Chrome app on your smartphone. Mostly, this app comes pre-installed on most mobile phones, and it is not necessary to download it. But, in case that doesn’t happen with your terminal, go to the Google Play Store, find it and install it.

Now, you need to access your android widgets. In practically all cases, you can do it just by pressing for a few seconds in an empty area of the home screen.

android widgets

Now, click on the Widgets button. There, you should look for the Chrome search widget.

google search bar widget

Once you locate it, touch it for several seconds, then release it and place it on the home screen where you want.

It is important to emphasize that, for any version of Google Chrome, the procedure is similar to the one I just indicated and well, the same thing happens with all Android phones.

search with google

Just by following these simple steps, you can search for any data you want directly from the home screen of your mobile. That is, you can unlock the phone and then do the search you require. Also, it is estimated as an exciting and tempting option for many users, so currently, prefer to use it instead of removing the google search bar widget.

Although you should keep in mind that, if you use a lot of these elements in your device, it is possible that it starts to consume more resources than usual, whether it is processor time, battery life and bandwidth. Therefore, I recommend that you avoid saturating the smartphone with so many widgets and tools at the same time.

Finally, I hope that this quick tutorial about how to enable the google search bar widget will be of great help for you to get better usability of the google search on Android.

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Good use of this google search bar gives you greater freedom to get any information you need.

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