How to Download Google and Waze Offline Maps

Do you want to download Google maps and Waze offline maps? Well, check this tutorial to download offline maps to save data.

Google Maps already gives you a long time ago the possibility of downloading maps of areas where you will not have a connection. However, it is the maps without any additional information other than the places and shops that there are. The most important thing, perhaps, is to have information about what you have on the road, whether there will be jam or not and this without connection is trying to get, although Waze does allow it.

If you don’t know Waze, I tell you a little bit that it’s a great alternative to Google Maps for drivers. It allows configuring routes and, above all, having very accurate traffic information to be able to move around any city in the shortest possible time.

However, among its functions, it has an exciting one that you have to check if you have it activated to have offline maps with traffic information.

How Much Data Does Waze Use?

waze data

Waze is the maps app that consumes the least data while the vehicle completes a trip. After comparing the data consumption of several apps in a stretch of 120 kilometers on the highway, to find the most economical.

For this, it was measured the download along with the route of each of the app, and in several operating systems. The results were the following:

Waze consumed 5.65 MB on devices with Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system; about 7.10 MB in devices with Apple iOS and 8.30 MB in those using Google’s Android.

Another of the evaluated ones was Google Maps, which consumed 13.10 MB in the devices the Apple iOS and 17 MB in the Android of Google.

Finally, the consumption of Maps (which only works on Apple devices) was measured, which used 22.35 MB.

Users of these apps should remember that the amount of data downloaded has a cost that varies depending on the phone company and the contracted plan.

How to Download Waze Offline Maps

Waze does everything quite transparent to the user. It has pre-downloaded the maps for when you are without a connection, but it is also that you can store in them even the traffic information so that you never run out of it. To activate this function, or check that it is enabled because it is usually activated when installing the app, you have to enter its Settings.

waze offline maps

In the Settings, you have to reach the Display & Map menu. In this menu, you have to go down to the bottom, to get to the Data Transfer option. This is the point you were looking for because when you open, you will find the option to Download traffic info.

waze traffic download

If it is activated, it will pre-download the traffic information for the routes you create in case you run out of coverage or, on the other hand, it will only use the online sync option if you want to save data. The download, I tell you, is minimal and the possibility of always having information about the traffic something too useful to let it pass.

That is why, I recommend that if you want to have Waze offline maps with traffic information, sacrifice a few Kb to enjoy this feature.

Google Maps Offline Maps

In a perfect world, traveling is a pleasant activity and, even if you don’t know where you are, just by taking out your smartphone and opening your map app, you will find the way back.

But it’s not always like this. You may be left without coverage, and your data plan doesn’t cover a trip to certain countries. Hence the great utility of offline maps to carry over and that will take you out of more than one wrong.

If I talk about the best alternative to Waze offline maps, the most popular app is usually Google Maps, and among its many features, it has long offered offline maps to know where to go even if you disconnect Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Let’s see what this function consists of and how to download offline maps for google maps to use when you travel, as passers-by or driving on unknown roads.

How to Download Offline Maps in Google Maps

If you have an iPhone or Android device with Google Maps, you can download maps to enjoy them offline. This way you will not spend data, and you will extend the life of your smartphone’s battery a little longer.

First of all, you must log in within Google Maps with your Google account. Then you search for the place where you need information in the form of an offline map.

google maps offline maps

In the list of results, click on the name of the place and then on Download. This is useful for a city or areas of interest such as monuments, restaurants, hotels or museums.

In those cases, click on the name of the establishment and then on More> Download map offline.

Before the download starts, Google Maps will indicate the size of the download and if you have space available.

In the case of Android, if you have little space in the phone memory, it is possible to save the maps in the SD memory. From Menu > Offline Maps > Settings, go to Storage Preferences and, finally, SD Card.

How to Open Offline Maps

Running Google Maps offline is the same as normal mode. Just search the destination or location to get the results that match the search. You can also open your offline maps from the Menu > Offline Maps

It is also possible to search for a route so that you know how to get from point A to point B. Yes, you will get directions to drive to a destination, although for obvious reasons you will not see data in real time as traffic conditions.

google maps

For the rest, the own information of Google Maps will also be shown, such as bus or metro stops, railway stations, hospitals, restaurants and other places of interest (with schedules, contact information, and address), etc.

Are you worried that an offline map will be outdated? When you have a Wi-Fi connection, Google Maps will try to update them on their own, although you can update manually from Menu > Offline Maps, by clicking on each map and then on Update.

This will add essential data such as changes of direction, premises that have closed or streets cut.

Wrapping Up: Google Maps and Waze Offline Maps

Now you know how to download offline maps in Google Maps and Waze easily, you can drive or run through your favorite routes when you don’t have an internet connection available.

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What do you think about Waze offline maps? Do you use this feature before? Let me know in the comments section.

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