4 Find My Friends Apps for Android to Track your Friends

Do you want to Find My Friends on your Android? Well, check this list of the best Find My Friends apps for Android.

Find My Friends is an intelligent geolocation app that allows you to locate the location of your friends or your family on your mobile.

Find My Friends is one of the best apps from Apple, you need to have an iCloud Apple ID to register, but afterward, you have to select the contacts or e-mail addresses of the people you want to locate. However, your device must have Find My Friends installed on their device and have to accept the invitation through the app.

Find My Friends works great on iOS, but it doesn’t have an official app on Android although there exist some alternatives to Find My Friends for Android. On this post, I will show the best ones.

Glympse - Share GPS location

Glympse - Share GPS location

Price: Free

Designed based on the idea of monitoring a route at a glance, Glympse allows you to decide who you want to share your GPS location with and for how long they can follow you.

You no longer have to fear: these apps help you to know where your relatives are.

Although sharing the location ends when the time range you chose expires, you can also cancel the transmission manually at any time. You can also extend the monitoring time.

Glympse is perfect to use when you are on your way home, and you want your partner to know where you are. It also serves like Find my Friends for Android that allow you to follow if they are thinking of meeting somewhere or traveling together.

Glympse also allows you to share your location in real time, the estimated time of arrival and the speed at which you travel via email or social networks. I especially like the integration with calendars, from where you can share your location and estimated time of arrival with anyone.

glympse find my friends android

Life360 - Family Locator, GPS Tracker

Life360 - Family Locator, GPS Tracker

Price: Free+

This another of the best Find My Friends for Android that allows your family members to follow each other in real time. One of the best features allows your family members to know when someone in their group has reached a predetermined location, such as home or school. You can choose two areas of that type. Then, when your children arrive from school, the Life360 app immediately sends you a notification.

Life360 Family Locator allows you to monitor your children in real time. The app also includes the complete history of all the places visited, which serves to review the recent activity. A “panic” mode sends an emergency notification to a predetermined group of emails or phone numbers with exact GPS coordinates. The app also serves to send messages to your relatives.

Although the app and its services are free, there is a premium version that costs $5 per month (which includes the whole family) or $50 for the entire year. The pro version comes with unlimited location register, assistance on the road, the ability to locate “dumb” phones and protection against cell phone theft. Life360 offers 30 days to try the premium version.

This is one of the best apps like Find My Friends for Android that you can download for free on Google Play.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends

Price: Free+

This app, also developed by the people of Life360, offers a centralized site to share your location and send messages. Are you going to leave your city for a while? Plan and coordinate your trip with others before leaving. The app also serves to share your location quickly in case of an emergency.

Like other apps of this type, it uses Google Maps as a base, so it’s effortless to learn how to use it. The map gives you a quick list of police or fire stations, hospitals, and other essential things.

For $5 a month, the premium version of Find My Friends gives you the ability to register any number of places, an expanded history, roadside assistance, and support for “dumb” phones. All users can opt for a 30-day free trial.

Find My Friends is free on Android. But don’t confuse it with Apple’s Find My Friends app for iOS, these aren’t compatible apps.

find my friends

Google+ for G Suite

Google+ for G Suite

Price: Free

It’s a little hidden, but Google+ offers the possibility to share your location. The design is similar to Google Latitude and integrates, of course, Google Maps. There is the option to share your location and monitor others in Google, but it is somewhat hidden.

To share your location with others, send a request to your contact through the Google+ app. When you accept you can see its position through the app. It is worth mentioning that your friend doesn’t have to share your location with you so that you can send yours.

Google+ still depends on the concept of grouping people in “circles.” If you are following the location of many friends and family, you can group them in a circle. However, you can choose exactly who you want to share your location with.


Wrapping: Find My Friends for Android

So far those were the best like Find My Friends for Android that you can download for free to follow your friends position when you don’t have an iPhone.

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Do you use another app? Let me know in the comments section.

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