4 Best Fastest Android Launcher

Do you want a fast launcher for your smartphone or tablet? Well, check this list of the fastest android launcher.

The most beautiful thing about a smartphone is the customizable design that you can give to your home screen and app drawer. For this, there are launchers, with which you can customize your phones, so they have a very colorful appearance.

In this post, I will show you some recommendations of launchers that are very good and light, with which even low-end phones can reconfigure their design.

However, installing a launcher isn’t only because it can completely change the personalization of a smartphone; instead, it goes far beyond this, offering features that make a smartphone more attractive and the way to interact with it.

So, let’s see the fastest android launcher.

Hola Launcher

Its simplicity and speed distinguish this fastest android launcher, and also contains accessories that make it a stable app in every way. You can make downloads of other apps to complement the launcher and enjoy it in its entirety.

Hola Launcher allows making intelligent use of the apps that you have installed, allowing you to assign a concrete gesture to the opening of an app. Thus, and with just a finger movement, you can open any tool you need without looking for it from the app icon.

Another of its advantages is that it automatically groups the apps that you have installed in folders ordered by categories, in such a way it avoids having uncataloged tools; however, you can change the position of these folders and apps as many times as you wish.

Among its unique features are, for example, having the ability to hide apps, edit the effects of changing windows or search for items directly from the main sale with the integrated search engine. In any case, you can edit the wallpaper every day with high-resolution snapshots.

Other functions offered by this launcher are built-in optimizer not to waste the resources of the Android device. Organized apps in smart folders. RAM Cleaner. Different themes are available from the app itself. Also let you create shortcuts to any setting, recent and favorite apps, using a drop-down ring from any desktop screen. Gestures to interact with the app. Built-in news presenter.

CM Launcher 3D - Themes, Wallpapers

CM Launcher 3D - Themes, Wallpapers

Price: Free+

CM Launcher is one of the best fastest android launchers that allows you to have all our apps sorted elegantly and comfortably, as well as having many ways to present them.

It allows you to order as we like your apps since, by default, the main screen of our desktop will show you the most common apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, configuration options, camera, or Google Chrome.

Other apps are sorted according to the category to which they belong, also within each folder, it gives us a suggestion of the same category to download to the device.

One of the great strengths of CM Launcher is that it is very light, so it takes up little RAM, and in addition to its small size, I must add an elegant interface and a good variety of features that we will find directly hidden in the bar of notifications.

It is also complemented with other downloadable apps to make your smartphone a completely different one than you commonly use it. For example, you can download your screen lock, which you can customize in many ways.

Among its main features are fast loading of apps, built-in antivirus, built-in optimizer, automatic folder organizer, elegant and customizable widgets, RAM cleaner, and various designs and themes for your smartphone.


Aviate is one of the fastest android launchers with a completely different interface to the others, so much so that it seems that it is a new operating system, with which you can access various apps of your phone quickly and easily. Allows quick mobilization between the main screen with widgets and favorite applications; On the left, you access the different modes, on the right access the most used apps organized by categories, and sliding again on the right, access all your apps.

Another peculiarity of this launcher is that it has Spaces (spaces) predefined with which you can schedule tasks or reminders that you have depending on the place where you are.

yahoo aviate fastest android launcher

It also allows you to add more spaces, for example, if you are at home and you usually use specific apps, you can create a new mode and include them, so that when you get home, you have an interface that adapts to your needs.

Undoubtedly, this is a very intuitive launcher and which will surely be one of the best options to use, so we will also give a unique and new touch to our cell phone.

This size of this fastest android launcher varies by device and is available for any version of Android.

ZERO Launcher- HD Themes,3D Wallpapers,Color Icons

ZERO Launcher- HD Themes,3D Wallpapers,Color Icons

Price: Free

Zero is another of the fastest android launcher, despite its lightness, doesn’t neglect its spectacular interface with sensational transitions or unique features of other much heavier launchers, such as the possibility of changing the skin or theme completely. This launcher contains an excellent presentation design, simple, practical and customizable. It groups the apps according to the category to which they belong and also includes a folder in which you will find all your apps.

Unlike other launchers, it doesn’t contain many built-in settings to change design; However, if you can do more downloads of themes to change your home screen of our smartphone entirely.

In addition to this, it contains very well designed and recognizable icons, and also brings the possibility of hiding apps.

Zero only weights 2Mb. It has a meticulous graphic appearance, spectacular transitions, fast loading and response speed, widgets such as RAM cleaner, icon style, recent apps, themes, backgrounds. Also has folders with an excellent graphics style, you can uninstall apps with drag the icon to the top of the screen.

Undoubtedly this is another possibility for your devices, with its lightness and speed can be used in smartphones with little RAM and enjoy a new style on your phone.

Wrapping Up: Fastest Android Launcher

As you see, the launchers can make us see our smartphone in another more interesting way and enjoy it thoroughly. So there are no excuses always to be bored with the same interface that your smartphone has by default.

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Try any of the fastest android launchers and let me know in the comments section your experience.

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