How to Block Websites on Android Phones & Tablets

The Internet is a vast space in which there are all kinds of content within a few clicks, it isn’t always safe or sensible to access all websites, so I teach you to block websites on Android in an effortless way.

The amount of content of all kinds and conditions available in the network of networks is unlimited. This has its good and bad things, affecting many areas of life. For example, in everything related to access to knowledge, it is a perfect thing. Today it is possible to learn about everything and find out everything you want, from the most rigorous news to the oldest history of humanity. The Internet is a vast library that everyone can consult 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But on the other side, it has the most dangerous and damaging aspects. Not all web pages are going to offer you something of real utility, and from time to time it is good to keep track of the sites that you access. At the time of the fake news, you may want to block pamphlets that pass themselves off as informational journals. If you have young children, it is better to protect them from pornographic sites that they may access.

Whatever it may be, block websites on Android is something to be taken into account if you want access to the Internet to be healthier. And is it possible to do this with your smartphone? Of course, and for that reason I’m going to teach you to block any web page in Android in an effortless way with an app called, very appropriately.

BlockSite - Block Distracting Apps & Sites

BlockSite - Block Distracting Apps & Sites

Price: Free+

Block Site is an extension for Google Chrome and an application for Android that allows you to block websites on Android easily. Thanks to this, it will be possible to remove access to malicious sites or sites that distract us, including social networks. The behavior on the mobile is different, but you can also block any access through browsers such as Google Chrome for Android. The idea is, therefore, that you focus on being productive and on what matters. If you have a task ahead, you better not get distracted.

blocksite block websites on android

How does it work? Once you install the app, you must grant accessibility permissions. On your first screen, you will see three relevant options at your fingertips. Above all a general switch of the app, to activate or deactivate all your locks at once. Below, the only option that appears as a series: Block Adult Websites, which serves to block pornographic websites. Finally, at the bottom right is the floating button to add apps or websites to block.

Once you have added them, they will appear on the main screen. When you try to access that app or that website through Chrome, you’ll see a notice saying you’re blocked.

Finally, you also have the possibility of establishing schedules. Just click on the clock icon on the main screen and choose the days and times you want. This way you can make them block, for example, only during work hours.

SecureTeen Parental Control App

SecureTeen Parental Control App

Price: Free+

There are other ways to block websites on Android. This includes custom apps such as “SecureTeen.” As its name suggests, this app will help you block websites and certain apps as well. Unlike standard Google Play Store apps, it is a browser that will be installed on the Android device. Click “Open” to start the browser once it is completely downloaded.

When you start the browser for the first time on your phone, you will be asked to enter a password. Each time you want to use this browser, you must enter this password. Therefore, the browser will be blocked by anyone who is not allowed to access the contents of your phone.


The browser will allow you to select websites and block them! Meanwhile, the tuned browser is composed of filters that will help you block different types of sites. SecureTeen will allow you to block sites classified as Violence, Proxy, Adult Content, Porn, Game, and Dating. By selecting the checkboxes, all websites and ads with such content will block websites on Android easily.

Block Web pages Using ES File Explorer (Root Required)

Like on a desktop operating system, Android has a file called hosts which is the file that the operating system uses to assign hostnames to the IP address, and from there you can block websites on Android.

One of the best free file manager apps for Android is ES File Explorer Manager.

ES File Explorer File Manager
ES File Explorer File Manager
Price: Free+

With this app, you can manage apps, documents, and multimedia both locally and in a network in a simple way.

Once the app is installed, click on the Home button and click on the / icon, in this way you will access the Android root path. In the options that you will see you will locate the folder called etc

Click on this folder, and now click on the Hosts file then select Text Editor to edit the file. There you need to select the ES Note Editor line, and this will open the Hosts file, for editing, you must click on the menu icon and select the Edit option.

block websites on android hosts

The syntax for blocking websites is as follows: (site)

Click on the Hosts tab to save the changes. In this way, you can block websites on Android using ES File Explorer.

Wrapping Up: Block Websites on Android

You can easily block websites on Android using any of these methods to let your children be safe while navigating.

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