5 Best Apps to Lock Messenger, Whatsapp & Facebook

Do you want to lock messenger or WhatsApp? Well, check this list of the best apps to password lock messenger, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

If you are someone who manages more than one instant messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, BlackBerry Messenger, Viber, Hangouts, Skype, Twitter or SnapChat, and you would not like someone to have access to your conversations, read on, Then I recommend some apps to password lock social networks.

Because privacy and security in technological matters are of utmost importance to users, especially talking about mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, is that app developers have created products with which they can block access to the content they share.

Without more, I will leave you below a list of these apps to lock messenger that could be very useful, but not before reminding you that they are only available for devices with Android.

Lock for apps (WhatsLock)

Lock for apps (WhatsLock)

Price: Free+

People are naturally curious and, there are always those who don’t respect your privacy, wanting to access the conversations we have through our mobile.

If you want to protect the content of your WhatsApp, there is an app that will help you. This is WhatsApp Lock, a free app that prevents strangers from accessing the mobile messaging program. Free and quite simple to use and configure, WhatsApp Lock allows you to add a four-number password to prevent strangers from accessing WhatsApp from your Android smartphone.

Those who don’t know, will not have access to your WhatsApp and will be captured on the spot, because after some unsuccessful attempts, the app takes a picture with the front camera of your mobile, leaving in evidence the curious.

whatslock app to lock messenger

The PIN to protect your account must be four digits. Try to avoid easy things to guess, like 1234 or 0000, also the year of your birth or your birthday.

This app to lock WhatsApp can be downloaded from Google Play and is useful because it protects your privacy, considering that you use WhatsApp to communicate with a large number of people.

Quite light weighs only 496 kilobytes, has the advantage of being compatible with older versions of Android. You can install it on mobile phones with edition 2.2 or higher of the Android mobile operating system. WhatsApp Lock requires a small configuration, and in less than a minute you will be ready to use it. Another point in favor is that it has only a tiny amount of advertising, unlike other free apps full of ads.

lock for apps

To use it, you need to give it some permission to access the camera and WhatsApp. With a minimalist design, it is lost among the standard interface of WhatsApp, without bothering you when using the app.

With a rating of 4.4 over a maximum of 5 on Google Play, WhatsApp Lock is the work of the developers of Bunny Labs and, for now, there is only one version for Android, although users of other mobile OS would appreciate having with a tool like that.

If you value your privacy and also want to capture the curious with reliable evidence, I invite you to download WhatsApp Lock from Google Play without spending a single penny.

Messenger and Chat Lock

Messenger and Chat Lock

Price: Free

Even if you block the phone with a pattern, PIN or password, there can always be oversights when we lend it to someone to make a call, etc. Under this or other circumstances, you could read your private conversations. To avoid this, you will want to put a password in Messenger.

To avoid this potential disaster, today I present an app to password lock Messenger or Whatsapp. The app I’m talking about is ChatLock+. Although in Google Play there is a great variety of apps to lock apps, ChatLock + is one of the best to protect the messaging. This is because it offers several interesting options and is very easy to use.

messenger and chat lock

The primary function of ChatLock + is to allow us to block, hide and protect messages on our smartphone. In addition to safeguarding WhatsApp and setting a password for Messenger-

You can block other instant messaging applications, protect email apps, social networks, etc. It allows you to protect the gallery app with a PIN, preventing anyone from seeing your photos or videos without permission. After installing the app and configuring the PIN, among other configurations, you can set the time in which you want the blocking to be activated for WhatsApp and other applications.

ChatLock+ also includes the functionality to take a photo if they try to unlock with an incorrect PIN. With the front camera, if you detect that they are trying to unlock your device, a picture of the intruder will be taken.

Lockdown Pro - AppLock & Vault

Lockdown Pro - AppLock & Vault

Price: Free+

In addition to the standard protection of apps, it can generate a dissuasive screen that shows a calculator, which appears when you try to enter a blocked app and where you must enter the unlock code. Besides, it may display a false error message when you try to open a protected app, to trick intruders.

It offers a smart lock that keeps apps unlocked while the user is in a secure location, is connected to a trusted Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth device. These are useful functions so that you don’t have to be entering the blocking code constantly while you are at work, at home or in the car, for example. This app allows you to password lock Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social networks.

lockdown pro lock messenger

AppLock - Fingerprint

AppLock - Fingerprint

Price: Free+

Another powerful app to lock messenger with standard blocking function, blocking based on the WiFi network to which the smartphone is connected, blocking according to the time, individual passwords for each application and unlocking with a fingerprint. It has other functions such as call blocking, 3G data blocking, remote cell blocking, etc. This is an app loaded with features, so it can have a remarkable impact on the performance of the computer.


Applock Material - Lock Apps, PIN & Pattern Lock

Applock Material - Lock Apps, PIN & Pattern Lock

Price: Free+

Material Lock is a lightweight app, free of ads and invasive permissions. It is automatically disabled when you are connected to a WiFi network or a trusted Bluetooth device. So you don’t have to be continually unlocking your apps while you’re at home or in your car. It also allows you to set a delay before the apps are blocked.

Also offers fingerprint sensor support and remote unlocking of apps by sending an SMS from another smartphone.

Material Lock seems that it can also lock Messenger chat bubbles. What it doesn’t offer is support for fingerprints. Nor does it seem that you can set up a cheat screen (a false error message, for example) when you try to open a protected application. And it does not offer protection against its uninstallation.

material lock

Wrapping up: Apps to Lock Messenger and Whatsapp

So far those were the best apps you can use to lock messenger, WhatsApp or another social network. You only need to download one of these apps to keep your privacy safe when someone checks your smartphone.

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Do you use another app to lock Messenger? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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