4 Apps to Make Encrypted Phone Calls for Android & iOS

Do you want to encrypt your phone calls on your smartphone? Check this list of the best apps to make encrypted phone calls for Android and iOS.

Encrypt phone calls and messages is a significant step forward for the security and privacy of your communications. In a period when listening, censorship and limits on freedom of expression seem to be the norm, reinforcing the safety of the tools you use is undoubtedly a great idea.

What is Encryption?

Encrypt communication means associating an encryption system that makes it much more difficult to spy. The messages use a unique code that makes them incomprehensible for those who don’t have the key, so they are safe from one end to the other and reach only the right person.

Encryption or encryption is also used in computers or hard drives, for example, to protect stored information. Therefore, only the user with the master password can access the contents.

In the case of smartphones, the best option to protect your communications is installing apps that guarantee the encryption of calls and messages from one end to the other. It is also possible, for example, to encrypt all the contents of the phone to be erased automatically in case of theft, after the thief tries unsuccessfully to enter the password.

Many messaging apps already offer encrypted communications through their service, although with certain limitations. The encryption guarantees of WhatsApp, for example, have generated many doubts among users and security experts, since the protection of privacy from end to end isn’t always guaranteed.

Besides, WhatsApp and other similar applications don’t directly manage the SMS you receive on your phone. Although you use them less and less, text messages are still essential in specific procedures, such as confirmations of purchases with the Internet.

So let’s see the best apps to make encrypted phone calls for Android and iOS.

Silent Phone - Secure Calling & Messaging

Silent Phone - Secure Calling & Messaging

Price: Free

Silent Phone is an app to make encrypted phone calls that are useful for many other things. The primary function of the app is that you can carry out a voice and video encryption in the different communications that you make through your mobile device.

The creators of the app mention that this tool combines both the maximum simplicity and all the security that is required today in which there is so much fear for the surveillance of communications. If at some point you have thought that maybe you meet someone who is listening to your calls or watching your videos, the use of this app will be an excellent tool to use.

It is guaranteed that you will be able to enjoy secure conferences and safe video chats, always maintaining absolute confidentiality. And you don’t have to worry about the possibilities of the app since you can use the contacts stored in your device to carry out the different communications that you want safely. The philosophy of the app is that you are subscribed to the Silent Circle service, which guarantees safe and free calls worldwide through this app.

silent phone encrypted phone calls

Silent Phone benefits from the use of the ZRTP protocol that is an encryption system that is used in many places internationally. Security experts will appreciate that this system, which was invented by experts Jon Callas and Phil Zimmermann, yields at a maximum level at all times, ensuring that there will be no obstacle in terms of maintaining the confidentiality of calls.

The app to make encrypted phone calls has become a highly requested resource by users interested in maintaining maximum security and confidentiality in communications. In the business environment, the use of apps like this becomes fundamental, especially if your conversations with employees, partners or customers are linked to the transmission of confidential information.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Price: Free

Signal is an ultra-secure messaging app to make encrypted phone calls, promoted directly by the Open Whispers System and sponsored by Edward Snowden. Under this simple app with material design hides one of the necessary cryptographic open source protocols of Android. In addition to Signal, you also find it in apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Allo or recently Skype.

The design of Signal doesn’t differ much from that of other messaging apps. Insert your phone number, add other people and start talking. However, it offers us exciting options at the security level.

It is also an app-oriented entirely towards the privacy of conversations. You have end-to-end encryption, messages that self-destruct after a few seconds and access code so that no one who takes our phone can open conversations.

Signal is an encrypted open source app to make encrypted phone calls with multiple options to improve the privacy of your conversations.

signal encrypted phone calls

BBM - No longer available

BBM - No longer available

Price: To be announced

BBM is an instant messaging app to make encrypted phone calls that were only available on Blackberry devices, and it was an exclusive app. Due to the rise of Android, the devices of the Canadian company lost many users, and therefore it was thought to open this app to rivals, Android and iOS.

The supporters of this change thought that in this way many more benefits would be achieved, although this measure increased the number of opponents. They felt that by opening up to the competition, BBM would no longer be exclusive and therefore Blackberry would lose even more market share.

In the year 2013 BBM arrived for both Android and iOS. From this moment, Blackberry began to add features and functions such as voice and video calls. You could find BBM stickers from the store and groups called ‘Channels’ appeared that allowed companies to promote their products.

Blackberry has updated the version of the Android app. Now with BBM Feeds, you can share photos and video posts, however, only the owner of the channel can share the video. Another change is the self-destruction of messages 25 seconds later and also the ability to make encrypted phone calls.

surespot encrypted messenger

surespot encrypted messenger

Price: Free+

surespot is one of those apps to make encrypted phone calls designed exclusively so that your privacy continues to be called that way. An instant messenger program very different from what you are used to seeing, so I recommend that you pay attention to its operation.

surespot is not like other instant messaging apps. This is not about installing it, validating our phone number and start talking. In this case, what you will have to do is install the app, create a user and go adding manually to all your contacts, who in turn will have their user. The most exciting thing is that you don’t have to validate any phone (which means you don’t interact with servers) and the profiles are stored in the device itself, encrypted. If you format the phone, it will also be erased, losing it permanently.

Regarding the messages, the sending and receiving are very similar to other alternatives. What matters is the encryption they have. Correctly, the messages are encrypted in your device, sent to the recipient, and there are decrypted again. The app uses 256-bit AES-GCM encryption, together with 521-bit ECDH keys. Security that, in the beginning, should be enough for anyone to read your conversations.


Wrapping Up: Apps to Make Encrypted Phone Calls

So far those were the best apps to make encrypted phone calls for Android and iOS that you can use to secure your communications with your family, friends or relatives.

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Do you use another to encrypt your phone calls? Let me know in the comments section.

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