4 Android OS for Old Windows Desktops and Laptops

Do you own an old windows desktop or laptop? Check this list of the best android os that you can install on old windows desktops and laptops.

Installing Android on an old Windows pc or laptop can be a tempting idea. As you know, the operating system of Google works very well on smartphones and tablets, so many people wonder what would happen if you install Android on a PC.

If you own an old laptop and you want to try an Android OS on it, here I will show you some of the best Android OS for old Windows desktops and laptops.

Phoenix OS

phoenix os android os for laptop

Phoenix OS is a system derived from the Android-x86 project. Thought to create an Android version closer to the paradigm and the way to use desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Phoenix OS team work hard to create the perfect system for devices that are between the use of a Tablet and PC this mix of desktop and mobile platform, which can be used in the form of tablets, laptops, smart desktop computers and other display devices big.

In summary, Phoenix OS can run on devices with Intel x86 processors or equivalent. It can also be installed on the hard drive for the operation, without affecting the original system.

It inherits many features and functions of the operating systems of standard personal computers and is also compatible with millions of apps that can be found in the Android app store.

It can be used freely in an environment such as at home, office, education or any other making it one of the best android os for old laptops.

The use of this system is a great option to be able to give a new life to those computers with low resources and be able to use them with a prevalent system.

With this, the user has access to an experience of the classic PC operating systems and support for millions of favorite Android apps, allowing him to use freely in any environment such as a home, office or educational background.

Phoenix OS provides a pretty elegant interface very familiar to any operating system. It has quick links and has a quick overview of open applications from which you can quickly make the change.

It has multi-window support, as each app opens in a window that is fully adjustable in size, and many of the apps can be opened and managed at the same time.

In a first start, Phoenix OS has native support for the Chinese and English language, but you can configure other languages in the apps, from the settings menu.

Free Download | Phoenix OS

Remix OS


Remix OS is an operating system based on Android, available for computers, whether they are portable or desktop PCs. Remix OS is developed by Jide Technology, a company formed by ex-employees of Google, using the Android-x86 project as a base. Remix OS has an interface closer to operating systems than Android.

Formerly Jide Technology with Remix OS intended to bring Android to a PC, and this would work versatile, but a few months later they realized that they could do much more than adapt it. So they decided to create a code base to provide support on different x86 platforms.

Although this Android OS is discontinued, remains like one of the best Android OS for old laptops thanks to its stability and compatibility. So you can try to use this OS if you have compatibility issues with others of this list.

Free Download | Remix OS (Discontinued)


primeos android os for laptop

If you have an old Windows desktop or laptop that you no longer use, you can install PrimeOS, and turn it into an Android device that can run millions of apps and Android games natively.

PrimeOS is an Android version designed to be used in low-resources computers (and in the most modern, of course). It works even on computers 10 or 15 years ago, since all you need is a Pentium processor.

An important fact is that it isn’t an Android clone for mobile (it is based on Android 7 Nougat), but it is a hybrid of Android, with a desktop PC interface:

You can install PrimeOS is a dual partition of the PC to dual boot with Windows, or install it on a USB and thus have a portable version to use whenever you want.

There are three versions, which you must choose depending on the age of your PC. The Classic is for computers marketed before 2011. The Standard, between 2011 and 2014. And the 64-bit, from 2014.

Once installed, PrimeOS functions as a desktop operating system. It is operated with a mouse, and you can open all the windows that your PC memory allows, adjust its size and everything you want. It even has a taskbar and Start menu.

The advantage of PrimeOS is that it is not an Android emulator, but a native Android version, and that’s why it runs apps and games much faster.

If you like video games, PrimeOS has its ecosystem called Gaming Center, with a Decapro utility that automatically maps the most popular Android games, such as PUBG, on the keyboard and mouse.

The first generation Lenovo Yoga Book is a convertible that has the right power for office apps. It has no physical keyboard, but a second screen that projects a virtual keyboard.

It also has a tool that tricks the Android apps, making them believe that you have a mobile GPU (a Mali or Adreno, for example).

The truth is that being a free operating system that can be installed on a USB pen drive without interfering with Windows, nothing is lost by trying it. Undoubtedly one of the best Android OS for Windows desktops and laptops.

Free Download | PrimeOS

Bliss OS

bliss os

There are many ways to install Android on a PC, but in many cases, these are semi-commercial products that add spam or advertising to the operating system. Not so with Bliss OS, a port of Android 9 Pie for PC that allows you to run Android apps on your computer, taking full advantage of the latest version of Android.

Bliss OS is an open source project that doesn’t add spam, advertising, or any other extra content. Simply carry Android 9 Pie to PC using Android x86, to use Android apps on your computer.

Its creators already have experience when making these types of adaptations, because they also created a Bliss OS version for Android 8 Oreo.

Keep in mind that, for now, Bliss OS is in beta, so you can give some errors that are being corrected at this time, before releasing the final version.

For now, some things don’t work, such as the option of taking screenshots, and video playback. The sound also fails in some moments.

You can download Bliss OS from the XDA website. Its authors do not guarantee that it is stable.

Free Download | Bliss OS

Wrapping Up: Android OS for Old Windows Desktops and Laptops

So far those were the android os that you can install on old windows desktops and laptops, so if you own an old computer, you can give it a new life installing any of these Android OS.

Do you install another android os on your old desktop or laptop? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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